WhatsApp’s new creates call link feature: How does it work

The new feature aims to make it possible for anyone with a WhatsApp account to join a call by simply clicking a link.

Meta’s messaging service, WhatsApp, is developing some new features to improve user experience on its platform. Some iOS users now seem to have access to WhatsApp’s ability to generate a link to join a call.

According to WAbetaInfo, the new version is available on the App Store, a service that tracks all of his latest WhatsApp developments. Its build number is 22.21.77.

The popular messaging app offered the same upgrade to some Android beta users last month. However, it is disabled for all Android and iOS users for a few reasons.

WABetaInfo also distributes screenshots of the new features. “When creating a call link, you can also choose the type of call (audio or video). If two or more people join the call, the connection automatically becomes a group call. Calls made through it are end-to-end encrypted, so people who aren’t on the call can’t hear what you’re saying.”

The goal of this new feature is to allow anyone with a WhatsApp account to join the call by simply clicking a link. WhatsApp allows you to share the link with individuals or groups, or copy the URL and distribute it in other ways. Call-Link calls are end-to-end encrypted.

Here’s how to create Call Link WhatsApp:

  • Select and click on the Calls tab.
  • Select Create Call Link.
  • Choose between a voice call or a video call.
  • To transmit a link using WhatsApp or another app, select Share Link or Copy Link.

Each time you create a call link, the URL is unique, secure, and has a 22-digit ID to prevent guessing the call link.

Easily create a call link if you forgot or misplaced the generated link. They can also be saved if the user wants to use them.

iOS and Android now support call links in the Calls tab. A blocked user cannot click a link to dial a number.

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