Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG Bike

Bajaj Freedom

Bajaj New Cng Bike motorcycle is offered in three variants; Drum, Drum LED and Disc LED.

Bajaj Freedom


  • Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG motorcycle launched
  • Prices start at Rs 95,000 for the Drum variant
  • Gets a 2kg CNG tank and a 2-litre fuel tank

Bajaj Auto has launched a CNG motorcycle called the Freedom 125. It is the world’s first motorcycle to run on CNG (compressed natural gas) along with petrol switching. The brand has integrated a 2 kg CNG tank under the rider’s seat, while an additional 2 liter petrol tank is located just in front of the seat. According to the company, the Bajaj Freedom has a combined range of 330 km on both CNG and petrol.

Bajaj claims that the bike can travel up to 102 kilometers per kilogram of CNG when run on CNG alone. The range of the motorcycle on CNG alone is 200 kilometers. In combination with the range of the petrol tank, the bike can cover a range of up to 330 kilometres. We will be reviewing the Bajaj Freedom soon and will try to test the fuel consumption figures claimed by the company, so stay tuned for our review coming on July 14, 2024.

Bajaj Freedom

The Freedom 125 CNG motorcycle is offered in three variants. The common factors of all three variants are, of course, engine power, range and tank volume. Let’s take a closer look at the distinctive features on offer when it comes to variants.

Bajaj Freedom 125: Drum 

Price: 95,000

Halogen headlamp
Small LCD screen without connectivity
Drum brakes (130-front & 110-rear)
Tyres – 17-inch front & 16-inch rear
Sheet metal belly pan
No tank cover flap

Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG Motorcycle: In Pictures

Bajaj Freedom 125: Drum LED 

Price: 1.05 lakh

LED Headlamp
Small LCD screen without connectivity
Drum brakes (130-front & 130-rear)
Plastic + steel metal belly pan
Tank cover flap
Bajaj Freedom
Bajaj Freedom 125: Disc LED

Price: 1.10 lakh

LED headlamp
Inverted full LCD with Bluetooth Connectivity
240-front disc brake & 130-rear drum
Tank cover flap
Plastic + steel metal belly pan


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