How to Save Instagram Story With Music (3 Methods)

Save Instagram Story

How to Save Instagram Story With Music

You can create beautiful Instagram stories with photos, videos, music, filters, stickers, text and more, but it doesn’t let you download stories with music. why are you asking? It’s mostly about music licensing and free distribution. If you still want to save your Instagram stories with music, there are a few easy ways to do it. Our guide will help you download Instagram Stories with music even without posting videos.
You can also save Instagram stories with music without making your account public. So other than that, let’s get started and look at different ways to save your Instagram stories with music on your site.

Save Instagram Story With Music (2023)

In addition to your recent stories, you can follow our instructions to download old Instagram stories. Expand the table below to see all the options.

Download Your Own Instagram Stories With Music (Easy Method)

With this neat feature, you can download Instagram stories with music to your smartphone without using a third-party app. The best part is that it works flawlessly without limitations. The quality of the video is also the same and this method also supports private account. You can save an Instagram story with music without posting it. Now, having said that, let’s move on to the steps.

  1. First open Instagram and share photos, videos, stickers etc. Create a story with You can add music if needed. Now, don’t post this story. Instead, tap the three-dot menu in the upper right corner and select “Save“.
Save Instagram Story

2. As we all know the stories will be saved on your iPhone or Android device but no music.

Save Instagram Story

3. Now open Instagram again and swipe left to go to the comments section. From here, open a chat with your close friends and tap the “camera” icon in the upper left corner.

Save Instagram Story

4. Now select the video you just downloaded.

5. Finally, take a break and add music to your story. Then make sure “Live chat” is selected in the lower left corner. Then tap “Send” in the lower right corner.

6. When the message is sent, tap and hold the video to see more options below. Here, tap “More” and select “Save” to download the video to your gallery.

7. That’s all. You have successfully downloaded Instagram stories with music to your smartphone.

Save Your Instagram Story with Music After Publishing the Story

If you have already posted this story or want to save old Instagram stories with the songs in your file, you can do that too. Again, this also applies to private funds that are not good losses. Follow the steps below to see how it works:

  1. Open the Instagram app and go to your profile. Here, tap the hamburger menu in the upper right corner and turn on “Archive”. Archive stores all your past stories in the cloud.

2. Now, select the story you want to download. Next, tap on the three-dot menu and select “Save Video” from the popup. The story will be saved to your camera roll, but without the music.

3. Now send the story (downloaded video) as above message to a neighbor in DM and add music. After that, turn on the “Continue chatting” option at the bottom left. Finally, send the video to your friends.

4. After the message is sent, press and hold the video message and select “Attach” from the options that appear. Then go ahead and save Instagram Stories with music.

Download Instagram Stories with Music via Third-Party Websites

Besides local, you can save your Instagram stories with music using third-party online services. However, keep in mind that your Instagram account must be public to use one of the services. I often discourage users from using 3rd party apps as they force a login with a username and password. To protect your account from all kinds of pranks, you should not enter your Instagram password on other people’s apps. That said, let’s look at two tools at your disposal:


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